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wine wall

100_0543-2.jpg100_0541-2.jpgWine Wall

I received a new home wine accessory in the mail the other day. I was very excited. In exchange for the gift, the manufacturer asked if I would like to give a product review on it. I felt honored and happily accepted the invite to critique this new product.

When I opened the package, I had no idea what to expect. The product is aptly called wine-wall, because it is a contemporary wall piece with a brushed aluminum finish that a homeowner could install in any modern interior styled room. Its installation is easy. A couple of bolts and spacers (the manufacturer recommends placing wine-wall on a stud) and it is good to go. This wine-wall will hold a case of wine (12 bottles). Attached are pictures of this fabulous new wine accessory. Now they just need to make one for the bubbly bottles!!!!!

Check out their website at www.wine-wall.com Thanks Carlos at wine-wall.

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The Crush/Hidden Creek


The Crush Winery

Hidden Creek Wines

Jim Frost, artisan winemaker and operator of The Crush Winery, has recently established a public tasting room in downtown Livermore in a quaint location called Blacksmith Square. The Crush Winery, which produces Hidden Creek wines, operates an “Urban Winery”. The 3700 sq. ft. production facility is located in an industrial section of Pleasanton, Livermore’s neighbor to the west. Aside from creating Hidden Creek wines, The Crush Winery also performs “custom crush” agreements. These agreements allow a small vineyard owner, like a large home estate; to get their grapes made into wine. The cost for a “custom crush”, in terms of time and money, is small when one looks at the intricacies of crushing grapes and making wine.

While Jim has been crafting his art for the past 20 years, he actually learned the basics of winemaking at a very young age. He recalls watching family members ferment fruit juice, commenting that a lot of the techniques he utilizes now, his family had never been exposed to.

Jim’s focus in winemaking is traditional Bordeaux reds. He aims for the finished wine to show the true varietal characteristics of the grape. He states, “A winemaker’s style can be so heavy, that it shows itself in every wine produced, resulting in minimal varietal expression”. Jim also states, “A Merlot should taste like a Merlot, a Cab should taste like a Cab”.

All of The Crush’s wines are delicious. From alcohol balance and color, to bouquet and mouthfeel, Jim knows what he’s doing. Don’t let all of the red wine choices scare you; it is truly a journey through the varietals.

2005 is the winery’s first release. For white wines, a Sauvignon Blanc from the North Coast is clean and crisp with citrus notes, while the Reserve Chardonnay from Napa is very round with lots of oak.

For reds, one of my favorites is a North Coast Pinot Noir. It has perfect alcohol (14.5%) with a structured yet delicate and light palate. The Cabernet Sauvignon is everything a traditional Bordeaux should be, and the Russian River Valley Merlot showed lots of flavor and mouthfeel. His Napa Valley Merlot and Shale Peak Sangiovese received Bronze Medals in the SF Chronicle Wine Competition. Other reds on the list include a Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc.

Current pricing is $16-42. Current case production is approximately 1100 cases per year, with ambitions to move up to 3000 cases per year.

Chances are, if you stop by the tasting room during operating hours, you might run into Jim. He loves to talk about his wines, and if you so desire, football. Not American football, but the world’s football. We call it soccer.

Tasting Room Location is at 21 S. Livermore Avenue #101 Livermore, CA 94550


Tasting room hours 3-6 Fridays 2-6 Saturdays 2-5 Sundays (hours will lengthen once harvest has been completed)




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